Saturday, June 22, 2013


We closed on Friday as planned things went wonderfully well! We started moving in the same day and yes my front porch furniture was the first thing in place :) Today the house was jumping. Verizon install, Furniture  deliveries and the molding being hung while the boys and I unpacked. My hubby moved the rest of the house with help from the movers.

I am sitting here in our Home at peace, full of thanks and joy. It has been a long journey and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to experience it. Thank you blogging family for your support and words of encouragement. Best wishes to all of you and your families.

 Now the fun of more unpacking and settling in begins.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Final walk through

Today was the big day for the final walk. We arrived a little before 10 and left around 2:30. So yeah it was just over 4 hours like we were told it would be. Our PM covered everything and left little room for questions. I can see where first time home buyers would learn a lot from this meeting because it is so thorough and teaches you about how to care for your home. We learned some new things about the mineral levels in the water and testing for Radon which we did not have to do in our old home.

He let us loose with blue tape and he kept a roll for himself to mark things to fix with the paint and drywall. This makes the third time the house has been blue taped. The first time it looked Gargamel got a hold of the entire Smurf village. This time just Grumpy, Brainy and Smurfette lol.

While we were there the appraiser for the mortgage company came so I hope that means we will get the final cleared to close notification soon. I sent over even more documentation on Tuesday. Some of which I have provided twice and this makes the third time. Not sure were these emails go they must go into an email black whole never to be seen again. Any who I am rambling I will post some pictures soon. I told my family no pics of the inside until they come see lol

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I have to share with you all how awesome God is! Last month or so, my husband stopped to talk to one of our neighbors who had grown up in the neighborhood, just chatting and mentioned to him that we would be moving soon and were going to list our house for rent. Thinking nothing of it about two weeks passed and one Friday afternoon the neighbor shows up at the door and asks if we had rented the house because he was looking and would my husband mind if he took a look around. We hadn't even listed the house yet but of course we said yes, the realtor was scheduled to come the next day. Our neighbor was excited to show his family that would be living with him but they were out of town.

The realtor stopped by took pictures and we signed the contract with her. We had some guys working on the decks so she was going to come back during the week to take pictures of the outside and then post the house for rent. The following day we are on our way in the community and the neighbor stopped us and says his family is there and they want to see the house. Long story short the realtor didn't even have to come back or post the house on the web, the two year lease is signed and the tenants will move in on the 1st!!!! 

We signed our contract to build last July and are just amazed at how this entire process has been blessed from the beginning. Even with all of the delays and what we thought were set backs was actually God working in our favor to bless us with a beautiful home and new beginning!

Be Encouraged, Be Blessed and Happy building!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Better late than never...

Things are moving so fast I have not had time to keep you guys posted!  A few hiccups but nothing major. They fixed the vanities, finished the exterior (sod should be this week), hardwood is installed and looks amazing, banisters and stairs stained, appliances in but with the wrong microwave (there had to be something), Granite in place and the fire place is 97% complete only missing a few pieces looks like they just ran out. We have to replace the light fixture in the dining room I can't believe they still use that light it is from 1990!

Does anyone have the comfort height toilets? we selected them but the ones they installed are not as high as the ones we have in our current home. I did ask and I was told that they are comfort height. Are there different heights? I got the serial number but have not had a chance to check for sure.

I am so excited I just can't believe we have only a few weeks left! We got a new Loan processor right here at the end who gave us some different information. I had to provide even more documentation, it pays to keep all documents electronically and as hard copies. God is Good!