Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Miscellaneous Section

What is with the illusive miscellaneous section?!?!?!!? Every issue we have had the reason has been "oh it was in the miscellaneous section they must have over looked it". Really, if I hear that one more time I am going to.... well do nothing because what exactly can I do lol When I told the PM about how all of our issues are coming from the items listed in the miscellaneous section he said "options throw a wrench in our otherwise well oiled machine" was that supposed to ease my concern????? It didn't.  Aren't the options the point in building a new home rather than purchasing an existing home so you can get it the way you want it.

The latest miscellaneous mistake is the floor tile being laid incorrectly. We paid extra to have the tile laid on the diagonal in the master bath. My Husband was there when they were laying the tile. I emailed the PM and the tile company. In the meantime my husband talked to the installers and they pulled up the tile and started to lay it the correct way. A little while later the PM emails back and says "I talked to the company and they are fixing it as if he had solved the problem. I let him have this one but we know it was really my husband that solved the problem. He should be a PM for Ryan Homes but wait I'm the one with the PMP :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Save the Date!

I had to share! We got our letter today June 14th final walk through and June 21st closing!!!! Just a day off the original estimate.  They had the contact information for utilities listed in the letter too.

Any advice is welcome for what to look for at final walk through.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!!

We took a Mother's day trip down to the house and I received a wonderful gift!!! Double ovens installed! My menu for my first meal is underway Roast, ham, mac n cheese, broccoli casserole, string beans, homemade potato rolls, Chocolate cake and red velvet cupcakes! We have been eating out way to much... My family needs a good home cooked meal :)

I was absolutely surprised with all of the progress because I was only told they would be painting and siding was going to start. We got there, siding had begun columns for the porch installed outside. Inside paint, all of the cabinets, doors with molding and knobs, and railings with metal balusters were installed.

There was an issue though they installed the wrong cabinets in the bathrooms. I contacted PM and he said they will be re-ordered. So far he has taken care of every other issue so I am sure that will be corrected no worries. My biggest concern now is getting our house ready to rent and finding a renter.... Anybody know any good Realtors? Here are some pics of the progress.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Drywall and waiting

They started working on the drywall last Saturday and did the finishing work between Monday and Tuesday. When I got there on my weekly Wednesday visit, the place was a ghost town. The stone was sitting in yard. I took the time take lots of pictures and was getting ready to leave then the Insulation guys showed up to work in the attic. As I was leaving the community I saw a siding truck drive by so I had to turn around to see if it was for us and sure enough it was!

Unfortunately the rain this week has slowed progress but we are geting paint tomorrow and siding will start Monday. Stone after siding!

Sunday progress

Wednesday Pictures

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Additional sound proofing and insulation check.....

Several members of our Ryan homes blogging community have taken on the challenge of installing additional insulation to the interior walls of their homes. It is very tricky business ordering the fan favorite Roxul insulation determining the right night to come and install it at just the right point in the build just before the drywall goes up.

We decided to "forget about it" and just get a quote from the insulation company. Surprisingly it was much more economical than we originally expected. So we expanded the insulation upgrade if you will to include pretty much all of the interior walls and added spray foam above the garage in addition to upgrading the padding. Our daughters room will be above the garage and we know how cold it gets in the bedroom above the garage in our current home so we took the extra step there.

You already know how we get about attention to detail so my Husband goes down Friday to check out the work and sees that two areas are not insulated per our request. We call the company and she says okay we will take care of it immediately.  All the drywall in place ready to go. When we went back down Friday evening so I could write our prayers and blessings one area is still not done, the main wall that needs it in the Family room because of the main drain that according to fellow bloggers is super loud.

We call the rep back but of course there is no answer it is like 7pm by this time. I was up at like 4am with the baby and I decided to text her the picture of  the location and to my surprise she responds around 7am saying the guys will be there that morning to put it in. They showed up and took care of it.

One thing I will tell you is that the drywallers will move the insulation if it is causing them a problem hanging the drywall so you might want to hang around if you can to make sure they don't take it out. Here ar a few of the locations we added insulation you can also see it in the photos of our prayers and blessings in all of the rooms.


Upstairs hallway 
We had the door to the 4th bedroom moved to the other hall because it will be the baby's room we didn't want his door to be at the top of the steps.

the baby's bedroom wall adjoining the bonus bedroom bath

Extended the insulation to cover the entire garage 

Part of the wall missing the insulation

Prayers and Blessings

Good morning, Good Morning to you and you and you!!!! I have been following blogs of home builders for almost a year now, I have gotten a lot of advice and inspiration from all of them. One of the best ideas I have seen on many blogs, is to write prayers and blessings on the studs before the drywall goes up.

I have no idea who was the first to start this but it was a very important milestone that I have been so looking forwarded to doing, I spent a lot of time preparing and we reached this milestone on Friday night. God Has blessed us with this beautiful home and I pray that he continues to bless our familiy and yours.

Guest Room

Garage Door

Family room

Fornt door


Living Room

Nephew's Room

Baby Love's Room

Upstairs Hallway

Our Bedroom

Daughter's Bedroom

Son's Bedroom

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pre-Drywall Walk through already!!!

We had our pre-drywall walk through today and boy am I glad we did! Everything has been moving so fast I have not had time to keep up with the blog. On to the walk through.... we were walking through the house and our PM was pointing out everything and he gets to the kitchen and he goes "here is the electric for your cook top" and I go "oh no we selected gas".  He was like "wait a minute I might have to send you to the SR on this one because all of my paperwork says electric cook top" I said "that's fine I know I selected Gas because I prefer to cook with gas and it was one of the first, if not the first option we choose".

Long story short; I was right and he called the tech in front of me to tell him to come install the line. That was cleared up then we get up stairs to the laundry room. I don't see a rough-in for the wash tub so I'm like "I think we are supposed to have a wash tub." He checks the paperwork and called the plumber right then and there to fix it. As much time as we took to make sure we got evertyhing we wanted/needed in this house. I know the options like the back of my hand like I am sure all of you do. I don't think anyone takes this proces lightly. My advise is to show up on your site often and ask questions.

Overall everything has been going great and our PM is on top of things as soon as they come up. I was very close to opting out of the pre-drywall walk through and I am so glad I did it otherwise, I know it would have been much more difficult to fix the gas and the plumbing issues.

Up next:
Insulation tomorrow
Energy Star inspection Friday
Drywall next week
Siding/Stone after drywall goes up.