While we wait.....

We decided to pick out some furniture. We are not going crazy or anything :) ...... but we did pick out new bedroom furniture for everyone (except the baby)

Bedroom 2
with full size bed and no dresser

homework must be done before fun and games :)

we got the TV stand instead of the dresser

Bedroom 3 (same set up as bedroom 2 for the boys)

Bonus Bedroom (for the princess) 

Master Bedroom: we have a different headboard I couldn't find the picture of it or the TV stand, the color we chose is darker.


  1. I love that bed for your baby girl, we've been looking for a bedroom set for our second daughter. Where did you get it from.

    1. I always wanted a canopy bed when I was a little girl so I am living vicariously through her. lol I found it at Bob's.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm bummed she doesn't want the princess bed anymore :(