Friday, February 22, 2013

Still No Building permit

Well I just received word from our PM that our building permit did not come through this week as originally expected. Now they are saying March 11th start date an additional two weeks?!?!?! It sounds kind of fishy though because they told me the permit should come through this week and then they would be able to start construction on the following Monday (Feb. 25) but now he is saying the permit should "pop" next week and they will have to wait another week for inspections pushing the start date back to March 11th...

Did anyone else have permit issues?


  1. We have been going through our own permit woes recently. We were under the impression that our paperwork was at the county, and that they were behind. One day when my SR was out, I called the county myself and they hadn't received anything from RH. I went into panic mode because here we were supposed to be breaking ground soon and our paperwork wasn't even in. After talking with my SR, she got more information and found out that the survey company was holding things up. That all happened about 3 weeks ago. Since then I have been calling my SR and the county every few days to see whats going on. Now we are finally having our pre construction meeting and things are on track with the county, but its 2 weeks after we first expected it to be.

    1. Wow, I wonder if I can call the county? But I wouldn't know what/whose name it would have been submtted under. I tired to look it up on line but still the same problem I couldn't figure out what to enter to look it up.

    2. Permits are public record. If you know your lot number, or what your future address will be, that should be enough. That and it will either be submitted by Ryan Homes or NVR. Call and ask for either someone in planning & zoning or the building inspector.

    3. THANK YOU!!! It worked I found it and it is pending pproval on two parts. I had to change the permit type until I got the results.